Eduard Ereza Martínez
Software localizer

About me

My name is Eduard Ereza Martínez and I specialize in translating and localizing software into Catalan. I was born in 1986 in L'Espluga Calba (Lleida), and I currently live in Barcelona. I studied computer engineering, but translation and localization have always been present in my life.

Having been dedicated to programming has allowed me to have an additional point of view regarding localization and understand the demands and concerns of both sides during the software localization process.


When I was 13, I started unofficially translating MSN Messenger and a few video games from various consoles. It was a fun way to learn how they worked internally and at the same time be able to enjoy the apps and video games as I would have liked them to be: in my native language.

Years later, the fact that I had a professional orientation in programming made me understand the difficulties I had encountered in translating that software. Now it was me who was developing applications that needed to be located.

I have been lucky enough to work on projects where internationalization was very important. For example, when working for SEAT, I had to develop tools for extracting the sizes of screen texts, in order to facilitate their location. Working for the Mobile World Congress I learned the importance of having good change control in text strings.

Thanks to all these projects I have been able to get to know both sides of localization and bring positive things to both, which is why I decided to specialize in software localization.


I have a Technical Engineering in Computer Science degree (specializing in Internet, applications and security) from the University of Lleida.

Previously, I attended primary school at CEIP Porcel in Cervera in L'Espluga Calba, and secondary education and technological baccalaureate at IES Josep Vallverdú in Les Borges Blanques.


Catalan (native level), Spanish (native level), English (professional level), Japanese (basic level, Noken N5) and Occitan (basic level, A2).

Work experience

(For a complete list of projects, see the localization or development projects portfolios.)

December 2016 - Present:
Software and video games localizer.
Localization of various software applications (Aegisub,, Weblate...) and video games (To the Moon, Finding Paradise).

March 2012 - Present:
Freelance Android developer.
Development of own applications and applications for third parties (CaixaBank, Mobile World Congress, OpenTrends, Seat...)

September 2008 - March 2012:
Java project manager at blueIT.
Management and development of several high-profile Java projects: SICOB (DTT coverage viewer) and IRIS (incident tracking system) for Abertis Telecom. Management and coordination of the internal HR application for the company (Java and Adobe Flex).

July 2007 - September 2008:
PHP and Java developer at blueIT.
Development of the Web Control system for Abertis Telecom.


Final degree project: "Data processing and geolocation: Next bus Barcelona" [Catalan only]